Tujering woodland

This is one of the best newly discovered areas. It is situated in the far southern coastal region, close to the new five star Sheraton Hotel, and only 35 minutes driving from Kotu Bridge, just a bit further than Tanji. As the natural habitats in Brufut and Tanji are declining due to population density and land graphing by the local owners as well as industrial development, most of the special species are found moving further into the southern interior.

Tujering is one of the best sites for bird watching in the coastal areas. You will easily find birds like the yellow-bellied hyliota, the white-fronted black chat, the brubru shrike, the white-shouldered black tit, the whistling cisticola, as well as ospreys, kestrels, falcons, to name just a few.

This woodland is an open scattered wood, which enables you to take clear photographs, and it is easily accessible either by car or in a 4 by 4.
The visit to Tujering takes half a day. But it might be a good idea for you to combine Brufut, Tanji and Tujering for a whole day and have lunch at Tanji, after having started the day in Tujering.