Tendaba River Camp

Tendaba camp is located at approximately 150 km from your hotels up the river. It is a bungalow-village down by the riverside, close to the bush. They have 150 beds in the African bungalows, many with toilets and showers, which makes the stop-over comfortable. Going to Tendaba there are bars, restaurants and swimming pools, which means that there is no need to drive straight to our destination after the early morning take off from your coastal hotel. Heading to Tendaba, there are many birding points before you arrive.

The first stop is at Bam-Makuno Forest. Well after Faraba Bush Track, this place is a forest with tall trees and scrubby bushes surrounding the forest. It is a good place for most of the raptors and some of the woodland birds, e.g. martial eagles, snake eagle, goshawks, bustards, finches and more flycatchers, especially the black face fire finch, the Senegal batis and others..

As we proceed towards our destination the other stop is at Campanti for the Coursers (Temminck's Courser), Bustards like the black bellied bustard and the Senegal bustard, white Rumped seed-eater, Abyssinian ground hornbill, and brown necked parrots.

We carry on to Brumen Bridge where the highway crosses the first tributary to the main river Gambia. There is a good camp there, and I always arrange our lunch there in advance. While taking your time for lunch beside the river, you keep enjoying common Inland Terns, Kingfishers, White-back Vultures. You can be assured that you will see at least one rarity passing. After the break you proceed towards your final point for the night. On arrival, depending on the tide, you either do the boat trip or I take you for a walk around the camp. During the boat trip you may expect to see species like the blue flycatcher, the white throated bee-eater, the grey headed kingfisher, Pel's fishing owl, the woolly necked stork, the goliath heron, the short-toed eagle, the glossy and hadada ibis, the reed warbler, etc. Walking around the camp you will see Bruce's green pigeons, sandgrouses, red shouldered cuckoo shrikes, white shouldered black tits, etc.

In the late afternoon it is always good to make a visit to the Tendaba airport, as you can there enjoy the standard winged nightjar after having enjoyed pipits, larks, brown backed woodpeckers, fish eagles and ground hornbills, but you will also see animals like bush pigs, marsh mongooses and others.
Dinner at the camp in Tendaba is European standard.

The next day you will have a chance to visit the Kiang West National Park, which is one of the biggest among the seven parks of the Gambia. There you can see species like brown rumped buntings, siffling cisticolas, spotted thick knees, bateleurs, cream-coloured coursers, falcons, to name just a few.

From there we drive back to the camp for lunch and back to the coast.