North Senegal - Djoudj Bird Sanctuary

The coast line of Senegal is very rich with birdlife, with its salt marshes, shallow waters areas and sandy beaches. Some areas are covered with open bushes and some gallery forest, whereas the Sahara desert has some open savannas (good for Denham's Bustard and all the Coursers) swampy areas with tall reeds, where we can see the Purple Swamp Hen, Allen's Gallinule, Pelicans in large numbers Geese. A trip to this sanctuary takes four days and three nights.

Day 1:

The first night we stay at a town after Dakar, the capital of Senegal. On the road to this town we have many points to stop and see lots of rare species of birds like the Blue Rock Thrush, Chestnut-Bellied Starlings, Bronze-Tailed Glossy Starlings, and other warblers.

Day 2:

The following morning after breakfast, we have a short drive to the Nguige Bird Reserve, where we will arrive by lunchtime. You check-in into your room and then we have two hours of birding in the gallery forest which is good for the Passerine Migrants and winter visitors.

Day 3:

The following morning after breakfast we go for a boat trip around the island and a visit to the pelicans island where many waders breed. After lunch we drive back to Mburr past Dakar for our last night.

Day 4:

From there the following morning we drive back to Banjul and further to your hotel.