Jinnaek Island

Jinnaek is a group of four small islands, at the northern coastal border of the Gambia and Senegal. Two of these islands lie on the Gambia side and are commonly known for bird ringing. The first ringing centre has existed for many years. If you would enjoy to have an extraordinary experience during your holiday, this is the right place to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the real Gambia sandy beaches, together with the open deserted area of the Gambia and the total tranquillity of the natural Gambia.

There is a standard Gambia lodge called "the Jinnaek lodge", with real African and European cuisine. Most of this area is surrounded by coconut plant. The restaurant is overlooking the Atlantic ocean, where I conduct fishing trips (on safari basis) with the Experience Boat, during which you will be dolphin watching and bird watching. You will see most of the migratory birds such as Gannets, Skimmers, Sand -Plovers, Bustards, Warblers, etc.
The following morning we visit the village where we meet local families and visit the school.

To get there we leave your coastal hotel in the early morning at 7:00 am, we drive to Banjul to catch the ferry, and cross to Barra on the other side. From there it takes 45 minutes to reach the island. For this entire excursion you need to stay one or two nights in the area, in order to visit the world's most famous bird life reserve with over a hundred species of birds, to make a wild life trip to the Niumi National Park, and to cruise through the the marine protected delta area of Niumi Bolong. This is very rightly called the paradise island.

You can book the trip directly after your arrival to the Gambia, but you can also book before your arrival by email, so that we can meet the requirements of your reservations.