Five days roundtrip

The Gambia's fauna and flora is so varied and of such great interest that it is worthwhile booking a tour round the country to visit the different habitats of the Gambia. The country has more or less two regions:

  1. The coastal region which is good to see most of the smaller animals, such as squirrels, rabbits and mongoose, but also crocodiles, and of course many colourful birds.
  2. The interior. This part of the country is the best part to see wild life. As you may know, the river the Gambia is divided into two sections: the salt water area from the coast following the river up to 200km inland, and the fresh water area from that point to the source of the river. The wild life varies in the two different area, with animals who favour the salt water area and others that favour the fresh water area.


Day 1.

Leaving your coastal hotel in the morning at 8:00am we drive along the south bank of the Gambia, having some stops on the way at some special spots like Farasutu Forest Park, where we can see the Nile crocodile and two different types monkeys. From there we continue to the only modern farming centre at a village called Kafuta, where I will be briefly telling you the history of the farm and where we will take a 15 minutes' walk on the farm seeing the variety of crops and vegetables grown. From there we will proceed spotting interesting sights on the way, until we reach the game park at a village called Kanilie, the home of the president. There we will be having lunch at the hotel and after lunch we visit the park to see animals like rhino's. giraffes, bush bucks and zebras. From there we go to Tendaba, where we will arrive in the afternoon, where dinner will be served as a buffet and where we spend the first night.

Day 2.

We wake up early in the morning for breakfast and embark for the boat trip across to the river Gambia. This will take us cruising for 3 hours. During this time we will see the monkeys, baboons, bush pigs, as well as some of the endemic west African wetland birds. We return to the camp for lunch. At 16:00 hours we leave for a trip to the Kiang West National Park, where we have a good chance to see three or four kinds of monkeys, more bush pigs, guinea fowls, etc. We stay in the same hotel for the second night.

Day 3.

After breakfast we leave Tendaba heading for Georgetown. A twenty minutes drive towards the north will take us to a town called Soma, we will cross the river Gambia by ferry, and then drive to Georgetown visiting some important historical places, especially the stone circles of Hench. Our destination for the day is Georgetown, where we will spend the night. Of course, I will always arrange lunch and dinner on time.

Day 4.

The following morning we make a boat trip to the River Gambia National Park, during which we will be enjoying the hippo's, baboons, and the chimps at the river park.    


We will return to Georgetown in the afternoon, and conduct a city tour in the island of Georgetown where we will visit the slave house and the colonial market where slaves were traded, and the freedom pole, about which I will tell you more on the spot. We spend a second night in Georgetown.

Day 5.

The following morning, after a breakfast, we drive back to your coastal hotel.