Farasutu forest and Bonto rice field

East of the coast, driving upcountry along the coast line of the mouth of the river, 30% of the river bank is covered by mangroves, behind which always lies a rice field or a gallery forest. Farasutu Forest Reserve is a community bird watching reserve. Because the place is rich in biodiversity, you can see some birds species you might have missed at the lower coastal areas. It could be a good chance to see outstanding species like the sulphur-breasted bush shrike, the African goshawk, the green crombec, the greyish eagle owl, the pied-winged swallow, the collared Sunbird and black-bellied bustards.

At the southern inland we find wood and grassland as we proceed to Bonto Rice Fields with 85% chance of seeing the yellow throated long claw, the yellow crowned bishop, the yellow shouldered widow bird, wax bills, firefinches, flycatchers, etc.

Then, past Bonto, we advance towards the main way to Pirang Forest, which is good to see Verreaux's eagle owl, yellow-bill coucal, buff-spotted woodpecker, etc.
This excursion is for half a day. It is a 35 minutes drive from Kotu Bridge with good roads and good 4 by 4 or small cars.