Brufut wood lands

This place is less than a 30 minutes drive from Kotu Creek or from your hotel, towards the Atlantic Ocean. It is an open woodland which hosts different species of our resident or inter-African migrants, such as Klass cuckoos, black wood hoopoe, African harrier-hawk, green-headed sunbird, cardinal woodpecker, and so on.

Brufut Woods is an attractive habitat for raptors like the brown snake-eagle and Western banded snake-eagle, as snakes (non-poisonous ones) live in the thick vegetation in the dense woodlands. The open areas by the bridge, further up to the East, are good for yellow-throated leave loves, black crakes, etc.

Brufut Woods is now under the protection of the West African Bird Study Association. It is a small area that just covers two to three hectares, but it is an interesting area where one finds, just behind the women's vegetable gardens, the Verreaux eagle owl, the white-face scops owl, long-tailed nightjar, stone partridge and turaco's.