Basse Area

It is not possible to drive from your hotel at the coast directly to Basse in one day. It is always necessary to spend a night in Georgetown.

Day 1:

We drive from your coastal hotel to Georgetown.

Day 2:

After an early morning breakfast at Georgetown we set off at 7:30 am at the latest, making a few stops at water holes and woodlands and scrubby habitats. Bansang is one of the key places you cannot afford to miss. This is a sand mining pitch. There you will find the Red-Throated Bee-Eater breeding holes on the side wall of the sand pitch. Also the Red-necked Falcon, the Cinnamon-Breasted Bunting and larks are found here. From Bansang we continue birding, while we drive on a good tar marked road to Basse. We will arrive there at around 2:00 pm, and be assured that lunch is always arranged before you depart from Georgetown.

Our first stop at Basse will be at the ferry getty to admire the famous Egyptian Plover, which you cannot miss there, as the birds will all be running around among the crowd of people. You may also have a mob of school children around you, but I will make sure that they will not bother you and I will tell them to keep away from you. We will then proceed to the rice fields beyond the M.R.C. camp for the Carmine Bee-Eaters and Little Green Bee-Eaters, and for more raptors like the White-headed Vultures, Nubian Vultures and others. We stop at the nearby drink shops or restaurants for a couple of drinks, because the temperature sometimes rises up to 32 - 38°C. And then we start to driving back to Georgetown for your last night there.

Day 3:

Return journey from Georgetown to the coast.