Abuko and Lamin rice field

Abuko Nature Reserve is the first protected reserve of the country and it is the only one on the coast. This 105 hectare forest, which has been protected as a private reserve since the colonials, is situated in the midlands, 15 kilometers from most hotels, so that it takes only a 20 minutes drive from your hotel to get there.

Abuko Nature Reserve was handed over to the Government in the early 70s and it was declared that the Government would protect some endangered species of the biodiversity of the fauna and flora of The Gambia. It is now a good site for many forest birds like flufftail, green hylia, western blue bill, turaco, African paradise flycatcher, et cetera. 



Lamin Lodge with its beautiful surroundings.

 It is worthwhile to combine a visit to Abuko Nature Reserve with a visit to Lamin Rice Field, where it is fun to watch the rollers and many other sea birds, barbets, more kingfishers, bee-eaters, parrots, and so on. You can visit the famous Lamin Lodge for birding during lunch, observing mouse-brown sunbirds and white-throated bee-eaters. Or you can decide to visit Lamin Lodge first thing in the morning, do early birding during the boat trip for one and half hour, and then return to the Lodge for a proper breakfast, which we sometimes call 'birds and breakfast', or vice versa.